Family Dental Hygiene Routine

When it comes to maintaining a thorough, frequent oral hygiene routine, every individual is going to have different habits and different needs. This can get complicated, especially when you have to coordinate dental care for a whole family! As a family dental practice, we understand the specific dental needs of each different member of your family. We’re here to help!

Find the Right Toothbrushes

Every age group and individual needs something different from their toothbrush. Young children typically need smaller brushes with softer bristles, and they often prefer toothbrushes that feature their favorite colors or characters. Anything that helps them get excited to brush their teeth helps!

If teens or adults have braces, their orthodontist and dentist will be able to make suggestions about what specific kinds of toothbrushes will work for them. Generally, patients with braces require brushes with stiff bristles to clean between their brackets, while patients with Invisalign need an additional soft bristled brush to clean their retainers without scratching them.

Adult patients should consult with their dentists when it comes to selecting the best toothbrush to suit their own needs. If you have tender gums, you may want to choose softer bristles to avoid excessive bleeding. Some adults also prefer options like electric toothbrushes, which help remove debris with vibrations and circular motions.

Choose the Right Toothpaste

Of you have small children in your family, you may want to keep more than one kind of toothpaste on hand. Several brands out there make toothpastes that are safe for kids to swallow, which is a great option for children who are too young to avoid swallowing their toothpaste while they brush. Some children also prefer flavors like bubble gum or strawberry instead of mint.

While whitening toothpastes can be great, they aren’t for everyone. If your teeth are extremely sensitive, whitening toothpaste might cause more discomfort. If you have Invisalign, you should also exercise caution with whitening toothpaste as it can damage or cloud your aligners.

Make Time to Floss!

Flossing is a very important part of any oral hygiene routine. If you are helping your young child with their oral care, be sure to start gently flossing very early on to help them develop the habit. Once your children get older, set a good example for them by flossing daily, and keep a floss supply that they can easily access when they need it.

As a family dental practice, we believe that oral hygiene can be a great family bonding opportunity. If you have any questions or are ready to book a dental appointment for any member of your family, call our office today!